These general conditions of use, which are subject to change from time to time, apply to all our services, directly or indirectly online, via mobile devices, by e-mail or by telephone. By accessing our website and / or making a reservation, you declare that you have read these general conditions of use, understand their scope and accept them.

These pages, their content and infrastructure, as well as the online reservation service (including the facilitation of the payment service) provided by us through this website are owned, operated, and provided by 2k-location.com . They are made available to you for personal use only.


“2k-location.com”, designates the website operated by AÏT ADJEDJOU KAHINA, “we” or “our / our” designates the owner AÏT ADJEDJOU Kahina, 185 rue de la Carreterie, 84000 AVIGNON. RCS 839 570 272.
“Stay” means the service we offer.

“Stay reservation service” means the service of ordering, purchasing, payment (facility) or online reservation of the various products and services offered or made available by our 2k-location.com site as well as by telephone.

“Reservation of Stay” means the order, the purchase, the payment or the reservation of a stay.


Through our website 2k-location.com, we provide an online website through which we offer our products and services to order, purchase, reservation or use, as part of our activity para-hotel, and through which site visitors can consult or search for the products and services concerned and place an order, reserve or make a purchase or payment (for the chosen stay). By using the Stay Reservation Service, you are entering into a direct contractual relationship with AÏT ADJEDJOU Kahina, with whom you have made a reservation or purchased a product or service (if applicable).

Our Reservation Service is only available for private and non-commercial use. You may therefore not resell, use, copy, monitor (for example, through a web crawler or screenshots), display, download, reproduce or deeply link to any content or any information, reservation, software, ticket and / or any products or services available on our website as part of a commercial or competitive activity or objective.


All prices displayed for your stay include VAT, sales taxes (subject to change) and fees, unless otherwise stated on our website or on the booking confirmation email. The prices are indicated per person. The

Applicable taxes and fees (including tourist / tourist tax) may be charged by in case of no-show or cancellation.

Lower rates are sometimes available on our Website on certain dates for a given stay, product or service. However, these lower rates offered by Ait Adjedjou Kahina via the 2k-location.com website, may be subject to specific conditions and restrictions, particularly with regard to cancellation and non-refund conditions. Please carefully review the information on the respective reservation to be aware of these conditions before making your reservation.

Obvious errors (including typographical errors) are not binding.

All special offers and promotions are marked as such. If they are not indicated as such, you cannot assert any rights in the event of manifest error.


If applicable and available, we offer the possibility of stays being paid for when booking using secure online payment methods or by bank transfer. Payment is made securely from your credit / debit card or bank account, through a third-party payment processor. Any payment constitutes in each case the final payment of the price due for the reservation in your name for the corresponding product or service and it will not be possible for you to request a refund of this sum.

Any rate applied to any stay is paid in full when ordering on the website or by phone. You will not be able to request a refund of any valid or authorized direct debit by AÏT ADJEDJOU Kahina via the 2k-location.com site on your credit card (including for rates and special offers, no-shows and cancellations. paying).
In the event of fraudulent use of your credit card or unauthorized use of it by third parties, most banks and credit card companies cover the risk and bear all charges resulting from such fraud or unauthorized use, less any deductible (usually set at EUR 50 or the equivalent in your local currency). If your bank or credit card company charges this excess as a result of an unauthorized transaction resulting from a reservation made on our Website, we will reimburse you for this excess up to a maximum amount of EUR 50 (or ‘equivalent in your local currency). In order for us to proceed with your compensation, please ensure that you have informed your bank or credit card company of this fraud or unauthorized use (in accordance with their policies and information procedures) and please contact us immediately by e -mail (Kahina.ait_adj@yahoo.fr). Please indicate “Fraudulent use of a credit card” in the subject line of your e-mail and provide us with proof of the deductible (eg a copy of the bank’s terms and conditions). This compensation only applies to reservations made by credit card, and if the unauthorized use of your credit card results from an error or negligence on our part and not from an error on your part.


By making a Reservation of Stay via 2k-location.com, with AÏT ADJEDJOU Kahina, you acknowledge having read and accepted the cancellation and no-show conditions, as well as all the additional conditions (of service) that may apply to your stay.

All orders are purchased when paid for in full.
We offer secure payment by credit card or bank transfer. We confirm the reservation upon receipt of payment.

Cancellation is admissible up to 48 hours before the planned date of your stay. It then gives rise to reimbursement of the amount paid to which is subtracted a lump sum of 80 euros.

Please note that some rates, fees or special offers do not allow you to cancel, modify the reservation or claim a refund.

Stay Reservations requiring payment may be canceled (without prior warning or notice of default) if the requested amount is not received in full by the agreed payment date, i.e. upon validation of the order.

If payment for the stay should be made by bank transfer, the reservation is held for 5 days and a maximum of 48 hours before the date of the theoretical stay. If the payment is not validated within these deadlines, the reservation is canceled without notice and without charge.

In case of no show, no refund is possible.

You will be held responsible for any late payment, any incorrect bank details, credit or debit card, any invalid credit / debit card or insufficient funds and will not be able to claim any refund of a payment ( non-refundable) unless otherwise specified in the payment and cancellation conditions.


In order to finalize and guarantee your Reservation of stay as it should be, you are required to use your correct e-mail address. We exclude all responsibility (and are not obligated to verify) any invalid or misinformed email address, phone number, credit card.

Check-in takes place at times clearly discussed and understood by both parties. It is subject to a key delivery and the signing of an entry document to the premises.

Check-out takes place at times clearly understood by both parties. The keys must be returned, and an exit document signed.
Depending on the location chosen, private or public parking will be available. The price of this service is included in our services. We will not be held responsible for any damage, breakage or theft of the vehicle or any property inside it.

In the event of nighttime noise caused by the Customer, the Customer will be solely responsible. The fine relating to security services will be payable by the customer, either directly or by bank transfer or paypal transfert.

In the event of destruction of material, equipment and decorative element, full reimbursement of the deteriorated, destroyed or damaged element will be payable.

Animals are not accepted unless we have obtained written permission from us.

Extra beds can be offered at an additional rate of 75 euros to 150 euros depending on the place of stay.

Breakfasts are not included and can be offered on condition that this is clearly mentioned when booking the stay. The price will be submitted to you for confirmation.
If you wish to change your dates of stay, this operation, if possible, may result in significant costs depending on the date and place of your initially planned stay. When the modification cannot be made, refer to the cancellation conditions provided.


By checking the general conditions box, you confirm that you have read and accepted these conditions.

By making a Reservation of stay, you agree to receive an e-mail confirming the reading of these general conditions.

Therefore, the contractual relationship between you and AÏT ADJEDJOU Kahina is governed by these general conditions of sale.


Whatever the geographical site you reserve, we take all the necessary care to ensure your safety: smoke detectors, video surveillance of outdoor areas, we cannot be held responsible for any event or any action taken by a third party. against you on the premises.

We can in no way be held responsible for any event occurring outside our premises.

Within our premises we cannot be held responsible for accidents occurring as a result of improper use of equipment or accidents of any kind. The bathing or recreational areas are clearly identifiable. Children under 15 must have adult supervision at all times.

Any disturbance linked to decisions of a national order or concerning public order has no impact on the contractual commitments made.

In the event of force majeure, unforeseeable climatic or natural disaster type, we can not be held responsible for any damage or damage that may be caused.